Some ugly but fun screens from my current side project. The top screen is a concept done in PowerPoint using a early prototype screenshot for the game board.

The second screen is a screen shot of the latest prototype. The textures are obviously super ugly for the various types of blocks (or "Runes"), but lately I've been focused on getting the block snapping & alignment algorithm to work correctly on devices with various screen sizes (7", 8", 10", etc.).

The third screen is a shot of when I was working some basic pattern recognition into the game, since a big point of the game is to combine runes into 2D patterns called "Glyphs". In this screen any 2x2 pattern of green blocks was to be combined into a 2x2 red glyph. Success!

The last screen is one of the first screenshots that I took of the game after I finished a first version of the snapping & alignment algorithm. The circles represent "snap points" that active blocks are looking for as they are moved around the game board.

PPT Concept Image

Latest Prototype Screen

Pattern Recognition Debug Screen

First Game Screen


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